Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre staging reinforces greatness of Dickens' 'Expectations'

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The adage that one shouldn't judge a book by its cover takes on a whole new meaning in Milwaukee Chamber Theatre's ingeniously staged, just-opened production of "Great Expectations."

True to Dickens' thrilling sense of the theatrical, adapter Gale Childs Daly cautions that set and props should be spare, with the few pieces on stage evoking the world in which young Pip makes his improbable rise from blacksmith's apprentice to young gentleman.

Taking Daly at her word, director Molly Rhode once again proves that less is more.  Books, here, make rain and sleet.  They recreate the boom of cannons and double as a blacksmith's bellows.  They become foodstuffs and a flask of brandy.  And they add a relentless, percussive beat to a show always on the move, through 35 quickly played scenes.

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