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A Message from Michael - November 2011

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Often while I'm playing host in the lobby before a show, patrons will come up to me with thoughts about plays for future production. I always try to listen politely and take in their ideas, even when some suggestions are quite beyond our means. But every so often, someone comes forward with a recommendation that is a little piece of gold. Such is the case with HEROES.

A few years ago (I can't recall exactly how many), long-time MCT theatergoer Pam Seccombe approached me before a performance to tell me about a new Tom Stoppard play she had just seen in London. I remember her saying, "It was very funny and very moving and just perfect for Chamber. It only requires three actors." Needless to say, my ears perked up!  Pam generously offered to lend me a copy of the script she had purchased. A week later I received it in the mail, read it in one sitting and became immediately hooked. Stoppard's adaptation of Gerald Sibleyras' LE VENT DES PEUPLIERS ("The Wind in the Poplars") was everything Pam had told me - and then some.

Heroes pic

The icing on the cake is that this play is a vehicle for three older actors. As many Milwaukeeans know, we are extremely fortunate to have an incredible pool of strong, seasoned theatre artists residing here. I was tickled pink to bring together the estimable trio of Richard Halverson, Daniel Mooney and Robert Spencer for this project. And apparently, the enthusiasm is contagious! These three were so gung-ho to get started that they even insisted we meet over the summer to read through the script at Dan Mooney's home - four months before rehearsals were even scheduled to begin! In addition, Richard became so taken with Dan's terrace and backyard that we decided to return in October for a special photo shoot.

And we have Pam Seccombe to thank for all of this!

I have a funny feeling that very soon all of Milwaukee will be thanking Pam, for helping to bring this wonderful play to our stage!

-C. Michael Wright
HEROES Director & MCT Producing Artistic Director

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