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School Programs & Workshops

A theatre education experience is about so much more than seeing a show.  
Contact us to find out how educational programming can enhance your existing curriculum and provide meaningful interpersonal skills for students in 4th through 12th grades.  

Teachers and students rave about the education programs at MCT:

"You showed me that if I put my <mine> to it I can <belive an> anything I put my <mine> to."                                --student Story School

"Thank you for coming to our classrooms and teaching us how to write a one-act play!  I can tell that my students truly enjoyed the experience.  I have such limited knowledge of play writing (although now I have a little more) so your ideas and exercises have been fun and valuable to all of us.  We appreciate your time, knowledge, skills and willingness to share it all.  This has been a wonderful opportunity for both my students and me."      
-- teacher Menomonee Falls High School

"<Thing> that I like was that you never gave up on us from the first day you were here."                                    --student Story School

"You so clearly care about the students.  That shows in everything you do."
-- teacher Cooper School


Service Provided

Goal for participants

Playwrights Festival Playwriting Residency

A series of four workshops guiding high-school age students through the writing of a one-act play to be submitted to MCT's annual YPF Playwriting Competition.

Connected to Creative Writing curriculum for most high school English teachers, this series of classes encourages students to celebrate their "adolescent voice" in creating short plays.  Curriculum encourages a deeper understanding of the core elements of a well-made play and expressing story through dialogue.  Pieces completed and submitted to the YPF Playwriting Competition are read and evaluated by theatre professionals, and ten are chosen as Distinguished Plays of that year.  See our dedicated Young Playwrights Festival page for more information.

Basic Acting

5-10 interactive workshops for 4th-12th grade


$65/class period

Designed to encourage even the most reticent student to explore community effort and personal control, these introductory acting classes teach important life skills through interactive play.  This curriculum has been utilized in a variety of classroom settings, including those serving students with special needs of a physical or behavioral nature.

Pre- or post-show Workshops

Designed to enrich the experience of high school audience members seeing a production at our theatre


FREE Workshop


$10 student tickets to our matinees are available


Knowing that students will have a much deeper experience seeing a professional production if properly prepared, this workshop features curriculum specific to whatever show the students attend.  That means that teachers can expect a new experience for their students each time they choose to bring them to a play.  Exploration of design drawings and models, writing, and interactive games are frequently included.


"Words would not do justice to how impressed I am by your talents.  I have really enjoyed working with you and look forward to it again in the future."

-- program facilitator Kluge Elementary


"I am glad we talked about want, observation, focus, and that other word because people don't help other people.  And I am <glade> that you <is> working with us about helping others."                                                                        -- student Kluge Elementary


"I enjoyed it because it was fun.  It was like adventures in my mind.  I could feel it in my soul <cause> it felt like we were in another world."

-- student Kluge Elementary


"You keep me getting up in the <mornig> because you <is> the best theater teacher I ever had."                                                                                      -- student Kluge Elementary


"Thank you for <helpening> us with acting.  Thank you for believing in us."

-- student Story School


"Thank you for helping us with our dream and <tailing> us about community effort and stuff."                                                                                                  -- student Story School


"You came here.  You were patient.  You gave us good tips and helped us learn."

--student Story School